Taski R1- Bathroom Cleaner-cum-Sanitizer Concentrate

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Taski R1 Super is a fully formulated cleaner-cum-sanitizer for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in the bathroom, viz, sink, tub, tiles, floor, marble and fittings. This pleasantly scented product does not contain any abrasives or bleach.


Unique combination of quaternary ammonium compound and nonionic surfactant makes the formula potent to do cleaning and sanitization at 2% concentration. It contains water hardness, sequestrants which SC quests 50 ppm of water hardness at 0.6% concentration to avoid water hardness scale deposition.

Uses and Benefits:-
It helps to quickly remove skin oils, stains, dirt and water-marks. Cleans and sanitizes in one action., QAC sanitizers are safe on bathroom accessories and provide sanitization to commonly found microorganisms in the rest room.


Taski R1 is used for bathroom cleaning cum sanitizer. When it will be for the purpose of normal bathroom floor cleaning then it will be added 20ml in 1lit water but when it will be used for sanitizing process then it should be added 50ml in 1ltr water. This chemical application can be used with the help of a spray gun, wringer cleaning trolley or a bucket.

Brand: Diversey
Pack Size: 2×5 Ltr
Colour:- Reddish in orange shed.
Fragrance:- It contains mild fragrance which is sustainable for 5 to 6 hours.

Additional information

Weight 10.00 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 29 cm


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