Taski Spiral HD- Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner/ Degreaser

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Taski Spiral HD is the Powerful alkaline industrial degreaser for the effective removal of mineral /synthetic oils, tar, grease, carbon soot etc.

TASKI Spiral HD is mainly targeted for soil removal on heavily soiled floors. This can also be used for low and medium soil conditions at lower concentration.

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Taski Spiral HD is a scientifically blended, liquid, detergent for cleaning floor. This chemical is composed Anionische Tenside, Seife and phosphate.

Uses and Benefits:
This powerful alkaline chemical basically used in industrial segment for all types of factory and it is very much effective to removal of oils, tar, grease and carbon soot etc. It is also used in the automobile section like car garage, work shop, service center and washing bay. It is formulated for optimum performance at low cost.

Taski Spiral HD is more effective against wide range of soils and it can be used manually and in or with floor cleaning machines. This chemical is also effective for public areas like hotel canteen, office blocks, restaurants, toilet areas. It is also beneficial for all kinds of transport, railways, airports segments. This chemical is easy for dilution and very much low cost effective. As this chemical is alkaline so, people should use hand gloves with the application for it.

10ml in 1 Ltr water.


  • Brand: Diversey
  • Pack Size: 2×5 Ltr
  • Dimension: : Item Dimension LxWxH : 18 x 12x 29
  • Colour: Brownish,
  • pH- 8.9 – 9.3
  • Fragrance: General Pungent perfumed
  • Property: Highly Alkaline in liquid formulated

Additional information

Weight 5.0 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 29 cm


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