3M- Mat Terra Loop (7150-HD) Grey (4×40)

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The Nomad Terra Loop matting offer the ideal solution, wiping soil from shoes. Surface stays clean, minimizing tracking of dirt inside premises. Nomad terra loop can either be positioned outside or inside and are available in a variety of grades for different traffic levels.

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  • This is an ideal first line of defense at entrances and it is designed to accommodate heavy traffic applications
  • Coarse resilient vinyl loops scrape dirt and moisture from shoes effectively to minimize slips and fall accidents
  • Cushioned foam backing helps prevent creeping
  • Made to be safe, anti-mold and anti-flammable, it helps to prevent fire caused by cigarette ends

Entrance coiled vinyl scraper matting designed for heavy traffic applications. Durable vinyl-loops scrape, trap and hide dirt and moisture, minimizing re-tracking into the building. Available in various colours.

3M™ Nomad™ Heavy Traffic Backed Scraper Matting 7150, an indoor/outdoor entry mat, handles heavy dirt, moisture, and motor oil. In addition to building entrances, it works well in other areas where floors need protection from dirt, oil, and traffic. The matting can be custom cut, seamed, edged, and used in recessed well installations. It is ideal for use as the first mat of a 3M entrance matting system, or as a stand-alone floor mat in an area exposed to heavy, oily soils.

The mat is a backed, non-woven floor mat made from continuous vinyl filaments bonded together. The matting is motor-oil resistant and suitable for heavy-duty foot traffic in dry or wet areas. It also serves to scrape off and collect dirt, keeping dirt away from the floor surface.

3M™ Nomad™ Matting traps, holds, and hides dirt and water. Preventing dirt and water from entering a facility helps to maintain a clean and safe environment, not only by providing a clean appearance, but also by helping to reduce slip and fall incidents. Reducing the amount of water and dirt tracked into a facility can also help prevent damage to floor finishes and reduce the amount of time needed to clean the floors. By decreasing the frequency at which floors need to be stripped, re-coated, and cleaned, you can also help reduce the amount of time, energy, and chemicals needed to carry out these operations.

A 30-foot matting system is recommended to remove virtually 100% of dirt from shoes. A combination scraper mat and carpet mat entry system can remove up to 10 times more dirt than just a carpet mat alone.

No, Yes
Overall Length (Metric)
1.2 Meter, 12 Meter
Overall Width (Metric)
1.2 Meter, 1219.2 mm

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Weight 65.00 kg
Dimensions 1219.20 × 121.9 cm


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